Wednesday, June 27, 2007

more fe's

Playing with more front ends .. didn't like the MaLa skin that much. DL'd GameEx .. very nice setup. I like this.. but I had to buzz off to MS and pull down a bunch of other stuff to get it up and running: .net, MDAC, DirectX9, ... bunch o crap.

It's very nice though, good detail setup. This is built for Media Center display, but supports the CP views as well as WinUAE and Vice

More futzing about required now. This blog posted whilst GX was updating the rom file.

At least its working, looks nice, and has about a thousand themes available. Need to update the control file so it will work with the CP instead of the keyboard.

I should also consider offering up the shareware donation if I move this into the cab.


rothecreations said...

Other than Mala and GameEx, what other front ends did you look at? Did you look at Maximus Arcade? That is the one I was going to go with because I am such a visual person. It is really nicely designed and colorful, and I am not into the metal, techy look that seems to be so common.

What were some of your criteria beyond the looks when you ended up choosing your mame front end?

Al said...

I looked at everything. I had a copy of Maximus also, as well as Atomic, MameWah, and even tried to make that cool flash front end work. (there are posts about all of that in here)

I ended up going with GameEx because of 1. Easy to configure 2. Jukebox mode 3. Internet Radio streams 4. Support for other apps, even though I haven't been able to make them work (WinUAE Amiga, WinVICE C-64, Future Pinball).
5. It also supports the Sega emu which plays some of the games better than MAME.

Also .. it was the first one I was able to get up and running due to the easy config. The config application can also be run while the system is in arcade mode.

Al said...

Almost forgot ... one of the things I REALLY like about GameEx is the Control Panel display that pops up before the game loads. It's also available while playing.