Sunday, June 10, 2007


Yay! Finally got stuff transferred from the old PC to the new one. After lots of frustration with the the Windows Easy Transfer .. it would just quit somewhere in the middle of the transfer for no reason. I gave it about three tries, with specific directories and it just wouldn't do it.
Then I tried to go the Map Network Drive route ... wasted all day Saturday on that one. Screw it.
This morning i just gave up. I wasn't going to keep the main drive in there anyway, just needed to get a bunch of important files over to the new PC. And i didn't need a zillion crap files spread all over the place.
This time, i'm going to keep things organized. Really. I promise :(

After wasting all the time yesterday. Started looking around for an IDE to USB cable. I found this pretty little thing at Radio Shack up the street for half price ($20). Sweet. Just yank out the drive and stick it in the box. Now I've got 120 gig portable external.

Oh boy .. just plug it in, move what i want, and i'll get around to cleaning it up at some point (yea, yea, probably not).

Now, I can boot up off the ancient laptop drive in the old pc, clean it off and get to work on turning it into an arcade machine.

progress. slowly.

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