Friday, August 17, 2007


So I was talking with my friend Chaz in LA the other day and it resulted in us spending the last few nights reviving the pushpush site.
I moved the stuff over to the new hosting server, and we updated the online game files and have actually made daily progress on turning the system over to what we wanted to do originally so many years ago.

We now have a working dhtml editor, solved the caching problem with the flash game, and have made progress toward turning it into an open community site (logins, passwords, user-created levels, etc.)

Play the flash game here.

I also put in the request to change the dns to the new host, so should get you there sooner or later.


Anonymous said...

I have been having problems running Tempest with Gameex as well. It just crashes and goes back to Gameex right? I was hesitant to say anything on the Gameex site, but if there are two of us maybe it will carry a little more weight.

On another note, try using Romcenter to check your roms. It can fix alot of errors, and it will copy missing roms from one game to another - so don't delete any games that you don't like, or aren't running.

If you want to communicate, I will give you my e-mail address, if there is a way to do it privately.

Al said...

I have Tempest running fine on GameEx now. There was a recent update to the Tempest rom. You need to go locate the very latest version you can find.

When a game crashes and returns back to GameEx, that's a MAME crash because of missing files in the rom.

I do use Romcenter now to check all new games before loading them into the system.

Al said...

If you want to send your email, you can just write a comment, and tell me it's private and it won't get published.