Friday, August 31, 2007

Chaz did a lot of work on the pushpush site. We tweaked the online game and editor a bit, and he added a lot of cool stuff to the flash. You can now set up a different size playing field, the pieces on the editor are the same ones that are on the game itself. ... which is my job moving forward, to recreate the original mac game pieces.

We've got user logins and levels created by other folks. Chaz added a couple of stat trackers to the games.. if you login it counts your moves and which games you've played. Pretty cool.

There are also several new game puzzles, mostly fairly simple ones, just because the editor is so easy to use now. Even if it does require IE to work :(

Nothing else happening nowdays with the arcade... I'm just spending my spare time racking up high scores. My favorite games haven't changed much yet. Lots of Shuffleshot, a little Galaga, occasional World Class Bowling and a Tempest game or two.

Seems such a waste for all those other 460-odd games.

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