Sunday, May 13, 2007

down is up

and right is left ... when you're working with a joystick from the bottom... :(

yup ... i wired carefully .. the joystick down buttons went to the switch on the bottom, and the one on the right went to the right ... except from the bottom of a joystick ... that's all backwards.

Back to the splicing lounge again. Most of these I can just move the wires, but a couple will have to be re-spliced cause they're just not long enough to reach the far side.

I honestly thought about just reprogramming the eeprom, but that would be too easy.

I'm also wondering about the viability of the USB port on the old PC ... I ran into some strange errors that weren't visible when I plugged it into the other computer.

I am aware that one of the ports has been pretty flaky, but didn't know I had any problems with the others. More investigation needed.

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