Wednesday, May 16, 2007

still testing

I've been busy beta testing various games and settings since Sunday. I can't get the spinner to work with Arkanoid, but other than that it works great.

Somehow I mis-wired the old leaf joystick .. it's 90 degrees off of what it should be so I'll need to fix that at some point. Also trying to figure out how to change the setup so it will only do 4-way output.

When I'm not playing, I'm working on getting a front-end set up that I like and trying to make it work. The coolest front end I have seen is the Flash Mame Front End by Dan Hall. Way cool .. but kind of messy with files everywhere. I'd like to clean it up and tweak it a little, customize it to my CP. It also needs a utility to write the xml and batch scripts.

Dell is sending a new PC .. it should get here after I get back from vacation. whoo hoo. finally.

Now, back to trying to make the spinner work ... this is driving me crazy. Can't figure out which config / setup file that information needs to go in. Nothing has worked so far.

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