Saturday, May 12, 2007

testing, 1,2,3

As of 3:30 pm Saturday, May 12 ...

one of the problems with having a computer this old is that I seem to have at least 3 different installations of mame and several front ends. This will get cleaned up when the pc is finally "dedicated" to the arcade. In the meantime, I still need a lot of stuff on there, and nothing has been moved to the new pc yet.

Having trouble how to type an "OK" in mame games ... cause the joystick left/right doesn't seem to work. So I've been spending the afternoon trying to figure out the keymappings and ini files and concentrate on just setting up one instance of the mame that will eventually be used.

hard to tell if the buttons are working completely, because a lot of them are things like shift and control, etc. the trackball and mouse buttons are ok at least.
looks like a test system, don't it?

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