Saturday, July 7, 2007

going crazy

I have several different front ends I'm trying.. but I'm going crazy trying to get the key config set up so it works.

I keep trying it on different FE's to see if it makes any difference. I re-programmed the CP to match a slikstik, cause there was already a drop-in cfg file for that, but can't get MAME or anything else to recognize it correctly. I know I'm missing something someplace on the ini or cfg files somewhere, but not having any luck.

I did have one bit of luck... found the 'plug n play' modules for Atomic FE.. drop in pre-configured setups for amiga, c64, and a bunch of other emulators. Nice. that stuff was driving me crazy too. The c64 started right up no problems, the amiga is a but fussy.

Had to re-program the system again just so I've got all the function keys available. Kind of useless to have a C64 setup without those.

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