Sunday, July 22, 2007

party time

Time is here ... party day

Mostly done i guess. Still lots of other stuff to take care of. I need a marquee.. I just covered the hole with black cloth til I can get something figured out. The speakers are up there and there's no holes for the sound yet. So, if the cabinet gets closed up, and plex over the marquee ... there's nothing but muffled sound. Have to think this one through before I do anything.

Good enough for now.

I can run galaga and tempest in Mame32 directly.. but they dont run through the front end. Tried pointing the fe to mame32 and it seemed a bit slow, just barely noticable.

I will probably go that route for the day, just so I have some of the stuff up and running. The Mame32 is version 9x something, the command line is version 117, so there's probably a difference in the way things are handled.

There's a pic of the FE through the smoked plex, I've got dogs, buns, a tank of gas, a new burner in the grill, ice in the fridge, and spanish coffee in hand.

Party on, dude!

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