Saturday, July 14, 2007

i wanna cry

Got everything mounted in the cabinet last night. Spent today waiting for a plumber, and while I was doing that I got (most) of the software configurations figured out.

the machine works. in its own cabinet. cool. and its got wireless net connection.

Here's the shopping list from today: plastic for marquee, florescent bulb, coin door lock, usb wireless connector, usb hub, offset hinges for control panel, power strip.

I played some games, i finally figured out what was wrong with the gameex config and got the trackball working for missle command and centipede.

this evening I was making a few tweaks, i was trying to put the hinges on the control panel so it just flips up and i don't have to hold it ... and it slipped .. and ripped the ps2 port off of the encoder board. :(( ... i wanted to cry. I had everything going.

so, I took some time, unsoldered the old port.. and thought about ripping one off of one of the old pc boards, but it was such a bitch to get unsoldered, if I try to pull one of those others off I'll probably tear it up.

I'll wait til tomorrow and hit radio shack, and if they don't have one, I'll hit norvac on monday.

Anyway.. just made me wanna cry. .. i was there. .. victory was within reach, it was all working .... and now it wont work til I get a keyboard plug back on the board.

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