Monday, July 9, 2007

we got GAME

oh ya... July 9, 2007 ... the front end worked (GameEx) .. the game worked.
I went back to the default keymap and then just made a few tweaks in the gameex config and we're off and running.

Next up ... I already trashed teh MameWah .. it was some new version, files were missing, everything all out of whack.. finally figured that out after going thru the byoac msgs. .. BLEH.. I'd spent hours on that thing.

Anyway, gone now.

Mala won't load the theme correctly.

AtomicFE ... still functional but eats too much resources.. and ever since I installed the plug n play modules, I'm completely lost how to set it up.

Maximus Arcade ... will play pinball .. but GameEx wont(at this point).. I'm going to try and steal the config.

so.. it's gameex for now..and see if I can get a few more better games loaded, map the c64/amiga setups, and tweak the vpinball. Then we oughta be good to go

Cool.. and it looks like I'll be out $30 for the reg fee. Well worth it.

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