Thursday, July 12, 2007


The system worked, so I invited a bunch of friends over to play/test the arcade. I gave myself a deadline -- I have til the 22nd to get it all together, self-contained and playable.

It's the only way I'll ever get it out of my computer room. ;)

Working so far: MAME, Jukebox, Internet Radio (but doubt if I'll have an internet connection to the cabinet), C64 emulator (without controls).

NOT Working: Visual Pinball, Amiga, key mapping for the C64. GALAGA .. for some reason, can't get Galaga to work. This really sucks cause its one of my favorite games.

To do list:
* mount speakers (high)
* wire pinball buttons (high)
* locate and install offset hinge for cp top. (low low)
* build restrictor/re-wire 4-way stick - it's 90 degree off (high)
* stabilize monitor on shelf -- it shakes around too much. (high)
* install smoke plex front (med)
* mount PC in cabinet (high)
* put latch on coin door (low)
* buy fluorescent light for marquee (low)
* put in some kind of marquee cover (high)
* install single power switch for system (low)
* set up PC to boot directly into arcade wrapper (low)

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