Wednesday, March 14, 2007

bob roberts

Wow. I just got a response from Bob Roberts. This guy knows his stuff.
I sent him a note asking about getting some leaf switches for the old joystick ... which someone here said no, its not a wico, it's probably a taito .. etc. ...
Check out Bob's response:

That is a Wico 15-9540 stick & there are no parts for it, but I think the switches used on the repro 15-1000 Wico sticks will work, although I don't have an OEM here to test with. The breakdown that I have supplies the same part number for the switches as on the -1000 model, the -9540 & the -9454 which someone described to you on your blog.

He even sent a link to the detail pictures.

As for the old grommet, he suggested I just replace the shaft (with grommet) for $10, get a longer one so I don't have to do all that cutting and routing. I can just mount the longer shaft under the plywood.

Cool. You can see his site of arcade parts over there on the right.

update 10:06 p.m. ... joy shaft and leaf switches Ordered.

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