Saturday, March 17, 2007

the play's the thing

I'm SOOOOOO glad I poked these buttons into that linoleum..

I also incorporated an idea from the BYOAC board about putting some instructional information on the deck. My disgusting sense of artistic balance always getting in the way of things. Which of course was responsible for the very first layout way down there below.

After actually setting up the buttons though, I made a few tweaks. Put the spinner next to the joystick on the right side, dropped the spinner buttons completely, moved all of the start/coin buttons to the far left, and reserve the new free space as a hole for some basic instructions.

What a headache. I thought going thru the cardboard test setup was just going to be an exercise, but wow, what a change after you actually put your hands on things and move stuff around a bit.

The trackball is now 1/2" off center as well, but it should work fine. Besides, screw what it looks like artistically, it's all about how it plays, right?

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