Monday, March 5, 2007

noobius honor

Wow. I made the front page of BYOAC ... I had been trying to get on there and ask some questions.
I realized later that I'd posted my request in the wrong place, but I couldn't post it in the forums til they authorized me. Sort of a Catch-22 thing.

It's an honor, even if a dubious one for a newbie. (Would that be a noobius honor?)

Started laying out and cutting some pieces tonite. I have one piece of 24x48 birch that's big enough for the CP top, front, and sides. That's all that matters for looks anyway. I can use some lesser grade wood for the back and bottom.

Dinner time, and gotta get the colors picked for the buttons. I'll go over to slick stick and play with the color picker while I wait for the tv dinner.

Probably won't get much done next couple of days. Guests coming in.

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