Friday, March 16, 2007

new computer

I was so bummed out today ... fry's online had a great deal on a pc but it was only good for 2 days, and I passed it up because i had to feel pressured. Of course thats why they do that, salesmanship 101. But I let it slide by figuring I'd find something else as good. Except I didnt. Looked everywhere. Spent half my time surfing computer deals all day at work today.

I got my tax refund back, and I promised myself a new pc. So I needed to get one before I piddle it away on useless trinkets.

Dell Outlet rocks. Seriously. I went for it. I found a screaming PC, better than the fry's deal, for only $399 .. scratched and dented .. not even a refurb so it comes with the full warranty. And it's BETTER system than the one I passed up.

I feel better now. It's been ages since I upgraded the pc. And this one has to go into the arcade cab.

amd 64 dual core, 2 gig ram, 250 gig hd, and dvd burner. $399. plus shipping. awesome. who cares if the case is dented. It'll get arted eventually anyway.

I'm spending the evening poking controls into an old piece of linoleum. nice surface for testing the layout.

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