Thursday, March 15, 2007

parts is parts

I bought too many damn buttons.

I guess we all need a few extra buttons. They're always missing from my shirts. Maybe I could put a few in the next art car. They're nice and big and colorful, and could actually be functional in some weird way if I wanted to do that. They're fun to play with. Maybe I could hand them out as stress relievers. Or Christmas presents. Put them on a string and hang them on a tree.

Just endless possibilities.

Since I ordered the parts, I changed the design, found out I could double-up on button assignments, cleaned up the layout, etc etc etc ... and now I have too many buttons. I suppose I can always sell them to somebody, even after keeping a few spares.

Received box #1 today at work. Nice ... the trackball, buttons, joysticks ... still waiting for a couple of things, but this is enough to get me started. I can stick em in some cardboard and see what things look like. One last chance to do that before I commit the wood.

I'm really sad about one thing though .. the purple buttons aren't the same color purple as the spinner knob. Just blows my color scheme all to hell :(

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