Monday, March 5, 2007

CP time

I think I've figured out how to mount an oversize CP after playing with some sketches and sleeping on the problem.

Tonite I'll start work on sketching out the CP pieces. I'll be using birch plywood - I think I have enough leftover from a previous project to do at least the top and sides.

I need to go ahead and put in the order for some CP parts. So they'll be here when I'm ready for them. The only thing I can't decide on right now is what color buttons. I think I should consider myself lucky.

Here's what I've got on the list so far:

2 competition sticks
3" trackball (translucent blue)
36 buttons, including the 1player/2player. (a few extra for some admin functions I want to put in.)

Tornado spinner and knob

Mini-PAC and wiring harness

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