Sunday, March 4, 2007


There is one question that has been bugging me to death, that I can't find the answer to: How do you mount a full-size MAME control panel onto a standard converted arcade cabinet????? The panel on my cab is only about 6" wide.

No help in the book so far, and no help through the online forums either.

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Kithera said...

Unfortunately the solution is to completely cut away the old, or do without several of the more advanced options. My mame cab still uses the original 6 button, two stick layout as the original street fighter 2. If you can image creating your mame panel on a even rectangular box which is quite a bit wider and longer than your original panel, and about 4 inches deep, then draw a line directly down from the edge of you monitor four inches and then straight to the front. Cut out this notch to store your panel and secure with internal supports. Kithera(at)Yahoo(dot)com