Friday, March 2, 2007

more ideas

I like this. It's a good place to store ideas.
Just had another one this evening. Instead of mounting an accessible CD in the cabinet, why not just put a wireless card in it.
Then I can just do any uploads, data updates, etc over the wifi net.
I AM going to want keyboard access there, too, so I don't have to ever open the cabinet. Either a USB port on the front, or a keyboard in a drawer.

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Kithera said...

Hey Al, I've been reading what you've got. And I like where your heading. My I reccomend for this step to simply place a usb hub behind the coin door, making it a fairly easy place to get to (just open the coin door as well as a nice hidden place to put other things like coin buttons if you don't want to actual drop coins through the slots. It makes everything a lot cleaner looking too.