Friday, March 16, 2007


I'm stoked. I'm ready to start messing up some real wood now. I still need to get some routing done -- and the lawn mowed --- but these things shall not deter me from the goal.

I didnt have a solid piece of cardboard laying around. But there was an old roll of nice stiff linoleum in the garage when I was trying to find a box.

I poked the buttons and stick handles into that just to check there wasnt too much problem reaching over joysticks and such. Nice to work with. Just cut a couple of slits and poke the stuff in. The only possible problem I can see is occasionally bumping the spinner knob off of the trackball. doesnt look like it'll be a big problem to just move those over a little bit more to the left.

I need to trim a bit of the overhang on the panel top, too. Need to do that first. Looks like I can safely take an inch off of the front of that. Probably improve the looks a bit, too.

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