Sunday, March 4, 2007

short stick

There it is. An original short-shaft Wico (Taito?) leaf switch, sans worn-out leaves but with the original worn-out grommet.
It's got a lot of play in it, and I don't know how to fix that yet.
I'll have to rout the panel and mount it from the top. It'll need a metal plate on it. The template and routing plan are behind the red ball.
I like this pic too ... "solar-powered" Quarter lights. Nice.

Anyway .. that's it for the day. Bedtime.


Kremmit said...

That's not a Wico stick. That round part on the bottom of the base is not round on a regular Wico, and the leafswitches don't screw on to metal brackets on a Wico, there are clips molded into the plastic. There are cheap knockoff leafswitch sticks out there that look a lot like yours, but have a taller handle with a regular Wico-sized balltop on them. Yours looks like an original Taito stick. I'm afraid replacing the grommet is going to be tricky, as the Taito shaft is smaller diameter than a Wico, so Wico grommets won't fit.

Al said...

Thanks for the info!
I was a little concerned that the leaf switches for a wico I saw online looked considerably smaller than the ones I removed.
I need to go get a good pic and measurements of the switches and mounts.
The shaft is 2-3/4".. but I never measured the dia.